12:00pm October 1, 2014

How about… Guards: They’re People Too.

9:03am October 1, 2014

We are talking about “Summer for the Gods” in history today and I walked in and the prof was playing “losing my religion”…god dammit stop being so perfect.

7:57am October 1, 2014

Charmander was my favorite starter.


Charmander was my favorite starter.

7:53am October 1, 2014


are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

1:14am October 1, 2014

Autumn is here! =) #Bossthefrenchbulldog


Autumn is here! =) #Bossthefrenchbulldog

11:47pm September 30, 2014

thank you. I just watched said episode and my brain fucking hurts.

No problem, doll. -hugs-

11:29pm September 30, 2014

Please tell me how this make ANY sense?

You all know how I feel about Tig/Venus. If you don’t. Here.

But now let’s look at some new points. 

  • The episode started out so believable. The “hey, no disrespect” line made my heart fucking SOAR. Tig is a collector of strays, Bonnie, Chuckie, Venus. He protected her, he protected her son. That’s what he does. 
  • "We got a lot in common." FUCKING YES! YAY SUTTER! Although I have a feeling that part was ALLLLLLL Kim. Tig watched Dawn die, Venus almost lost her son. They are outcasts. They are "weird". Chuckie fits in there as well. THIS IS GOOD CHARACTERIZATION.

Fast forward. Tig was shot (fuck you Sutter for putting me through that. I screamed. I’m not ashamed.) He asked for Venus? WHAT? They’ve met TWICE. WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED:He should have asked for one of three people. Clay. Gemma. or Fawn.

  • Clay/Gemma: In his patched up, boozed out stupor he should have said, “Hey Jax, c-call Gemma.” or “Somebody’s gotta tell Cla—” and proceeded to put his hand over his eyes in a whole new kind of pain that wasn’t caused by no bullet wound as he realized that BOTH OF THOSE SHIPS HAVE FUCKING SAILED. You get character development and it is a reminder that not JUST JAX has loved and lost because of this damn club.
  • Fawn: He should have fumbled for his phone and been stopped by a concerned brother and when asked, he could have told them he needed to speak to his kid. Ya know…THE ONLY ONE HE’S GOT LEFT? Chibs could have helped him. GIVEN US A TEN SECOND SCENE OF FAWN HANGING UP ON HIM AND HIM HOLDING BACK EMOTION AS THE CURTAIN FALLS TO REMIND US ALL THAT HE. HAS. NO. ONE. LEFT. I don’t know about you…but if Chibs was shot and he didn’t have thoughts of Karrianne…you Chibs-lasses should be fucking pissed. Well, us Tig-dolls are the same.

Let’s switch gears. Say that they did have feelings for one another. We’ve got some issues people.

  • The club would kill him. Does she not care or has she not thought of this? Moving on, because that point has been beaten to death already.
  • Is Tig going to be okay with what Venus does for a living? “Men need to own their pussy”…yeah that theme is STILL here guys. And if Venus wilts to his demands because she wants to be with him that is an insult to her character. The second he tells her to stop is the second ya’ll will turn on him, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Opie and Lyla ringin’ any bells?
  • There are more but I can’t think straight due to rage. Miss-Oscurita will fill in the blanks, I have no doubt.

And lastly, I swear after this, I’m done. The Alex/Alexander thing needs to stop. It’s so fan-ficish it’s not even funny. Why does she do that? It’s fucking rude. Colleen.Colleen would do that to him. Because it is basically stripping his patch, taking away his identity with the club. Does she call Chibs, Filip? Did Lyla ever call Opie, Harry? I rest my case.